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January 2019

New total interior built with reuse of existing materials

Town hall Diemen

New total interior Gemeentehuis Diemen built with reuse of existing materials.

Recent is by VAN DER PLAS, in a Design & Build construction with Andrea Möhn Architects, the entrance area and the
council room completely redesigned with the use and application of materials coming from the existing reception desk,
conference table council room, counters civil affairs and the seating furniture.

Beforehand, a good inventory has been made and virtually no material has been lost. The costs are lower due to less
required purchase of the new basic materials.

Construction team ICS consultants, Andrea Möhn Architects and Van Der Plas Meubel & Project BV.

    Collector item

    MONO Table

    MONO table model Graffiti. MONO table as an indestructible table available in many models, sizes and colors.
    As a Special edition in Graffiti version protected in painted paint.