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October 2014

training company

We are a recognized training company


Expansion of machinery

The installation of a new model of computer-controlled sawing machine has been completed. We can now work even more efficiently. Plates are sawn very cleanly, people are relieved in lifting and lugging and through optimization they become waste
minimal by residues.

Computer controlled hacksaw

Products are sawn in the most efficient way on a computer-controlled hacksaw machine. The plates are optimized so that waste and failure will be very minimal. The automatic processing minimizes the lifting load for staff at the service.

C&C computer-controlled milling machine
The newest generation C&C milling machine ensures that almost all models and shapes are made clean and sleek could be. In combination with experienced personnel who operate these machines, we are ready for the future.

Extractor installation
Just installed is a suction installation with a briquette press. From the point of view of minimizing fire hazard, the prevention of dust development in the factory and environment as well as the relief for the environment is there in the new one a briquette press added. This press transforms the extracted dust into hard shuffleboard discs. Dust explosions and environmental pollution belong to the past.

Work preparation
Work preparation has expanded in knowledge and tools. Designs that are provided by the architect are, if necessary, converted by us into 3D (or are in
3D provided). The processing then takes place into a usable working plan, after which the C&C machines can are controlled. A flawless product with the greatest efficiency.




Hello and goodbye

Our loyal Joop will retire at the end of this year. Well deserved but not counted yet. Joop now has his successor Margret van Beijsterveldt in his neighborhood which guarantees a flawless follow-up.