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November 2020

VAN DER PLAS project in progress

Project Bruggebouw Oost in The Hague

We are in the completion of phase 1. Nice project which is progressing well in a team with Krämer Bouw and Rijksvastgoed.

Phase 2 is now going into production.

VAN DER PLAS the right tools

Scale model construction

Building a model is special. Because of the 1:20 scale it has the size of a piece of furniture i cabinet size.

The combination of CNC machines with 3D drawing and a laser printer are the right tools in our workshop to also be able to make these kinds of assignments.


Lumion Amsterdam

We have been mentioned in the PI Oct. / nov. 2020 with the project Lumion Amsterdam. Design Atelier Pro The Hague. #atelierpro #vanderplasmeubelenproject #lumion @Dorte Kristensen

Atelier Pro has just won silver in the WAN Award 2020 (innovative projects in the World Architecture News)


The Garage

van Rijnboutt Architects Amsterdam

Nice video of the former Citroën building in Amsterdam which has been converted into an office by Rijnboutt. Good explanation, also of the ramp on which Hi-Macs furniture made by us.